Empathy in the company - A success story!

How important empathy for companies is, is also described by Eva Köppen in her book "Empathy in the Company: Regime and Refugium

Empathy has become a hot topic in the business world (see Slaby 2013 for more on this topic). The management and company sector has also become aware of the impact of empathy, and in this context, this contribution reconstructs an increasing discernment in recent years Empathy discourse in the corporate world As a particularly application-oriented outgrowth of this discourse, the so-called "Design Thinking" as an empathy program is taken into consideration ... "

My opinion as the author of this article is that in the course of this it is more important, especially in the highly automated world, to bring more "keen" into the working life. Colleagues, teams, and customers are better understood, and the "return of empathic invest" is more efficient, faster and targeted processes that also affect your sales. Less idling or recurring senseless loops are the results.

Eva Köppen continues "... Establishing an internal empathy in companies has a similar purpose: employees should no longer feel competing with colleagues forced upon them by an individualistic culture (Voss and Weiss 2013) the workroom and the group work a refuge

Offer, ...")